Recruitment process

A two way conversation

We’ve designed our Recruitment Process to give you the best possible chance of showcasing your skills and abilities. As well as convincing us why we should offer you the job! It’s also very much a two-way process, so you’ll also have the chance to find out more about us and why you’ll be happy working for us.

We’re always open to applications from great people so if you’re not suitable for one role you could be suitable for another – that’s why we encourage you to keep applying.

The selection process

Once the recruiting manager has received your information, they will review your application against the person specification for the role. If you look like a good match they will be in touch with you to arrange interviews and/or assessments.

The interview and assessment process

The type of interview or assessment we use varies depending on the requirements of the role we are recruiting for. We’ll let you know which type of interview or assessments apply to the role you have applied for in advance of your interview.

Telephone interview

Some of our departments conduct telephone interviews. The recruiting manager will call you in advance to arrange a convenient time to talk and the actual interview will usually take around 20 minutes. You’ll be given further information about the position and asked some general questions about your suitability for the role. This is normally used as a first stage interview to determine whether you will be offered a more in-depth face-to-face interview.

Competency based interview

Most people will be offered a face-to-face competency-based interview that takes around an hour. These interviews enable us to find out what kind of situations you have previously experienced and how you dealt with them. Each question is designed to highlight specific skills and behaviours you would need to show in order to be successful in the role.


Role plays

Our role-plays take around 20 minutes and are designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and behaviours you'd need to fulfil the role successfully.

For example, a role-play for the call centre will focus around your telephone skills, whilst a role-play in the Branch Network will focus around customer service skills.

Skills & behavioural testing

For some roles we conduct specific skills tests. Where suitable, we’ll send you a practice leaflet or link for you to prepare in advance. These can include:

  • Numeracy
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Management scenarios
  • Technical abilities
  • Financial Checks 

We also use personality questionnaires for some roles. They help us to match the right behaviours to the right role.

Financial checks

All candidates who are to be offered a position with YBS will be subject to a number of financial checks.  You will notice when you apply for a position we do ask some specific financial questions. These are to ensure that we have a clearer understanding of the financial backgrounds of the people we employ. So to ensure there is no hold up with an offer of employment to you please ensure you complete these questions fully.