Norwich & Peterborough Building Society

The 1st November 2011 saw the successful merger of Norwich and Peterborough Building Society with Yorkshire Building Society. It’s a move that offers great benefits to both organisations, increasing the number of members to 3 million. The new organisation is known as Yorkshire Building Society, however N&P will retain their individual and distinct brand identity within this.

History of Norwich and Peterborough Building Society
It all started back in 1852 with the establishment of The Norwich and District Provident Permanent Benefit Building and Freehold Land Society. Later renamed as the somewhat more manageable, Norwich Building Society.

Not long after this, in 1860, The Peterborough Provincial Benefit Society was founded by railway workers at the local Corn Exchange. Its aim was to enable members to build their own homes in the City. And in 1962 the name was changed to the Peterborough Building Society. This new society went on to absorb King's Lynn Building Society in 1967, Stamford Building Society in 1980, and Argyle Building Society in 1985.

One hundred and one years later in 1986, the Peterborough and the Norwich Building Societies merged – becoming the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society as we now know it.

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society today
With an office in Peterborough, 423,000 members, 17 branches and assets of £3.7bn, N&P is the UK’s ninth largest building society. And last year’s growth – including 80,000 new savings accounts opened and an increase in pre-tax profits – looks set to improve even further following this exciting merger with the UK’s second largest building society, Yorkshire Building Society.